Gaza Crime and Punishment - Israel/Palestine


Will April 17 talks go ahead?

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A rare view of the Gaza strip today. Life under the authoritarian rule of Hamas remains dominated by the organisations friction with Fatah and Hamas' strict policies on how the sexes interact.

Life under Hamas is a strange mix of overt security and no security. The streets are safe and prisons bursting at the seams but a man and a women cannot go to a restaurant together unless they are related or married. "You can be sitting in a restaurant when Hamas comes and starts asking boys and girls about their relationships". Since coming to power in 2006 Hamas has clamped down on sexual politics & crime. Drug dealers can be hung and women sent to prison for having a child out of wedlock. A drug epidemic is an unforeseen result of the tunnels under the border between Gaza and Egypt. And there is little political freedom. Hamas is accused of unfairly targeting Fatah supporters, who are kept strictly in line. "I will keep fighting them until the last seconds of my life", says one female activist.

April 2012