John Lash - Red Ice Interview 05-18-08 - Entheogens & Black Magic Pharmacology

We have author and researcher John Lash back with us on the program to discuss Gordon Wasson's thesis on the origins of religion, entheogens, Gaia, Codex Alimentarius, Pharmacology and the connection between the suppression of psychoactive substances and the church and much more. Topics discussed: Religion, R. Gordon Wasson, Amanita muscaria, Psilocybin mushrooms, Albert Hofmann, LSD, Sandoz, John Marco Allegro, Ethnobotany, Terence McKenna, Sorcery & Black Magic, the Melchizedek complex, fear of nature and the roots of genomics and cloning, the suppression and "banning" of nature and natural health products, C-51, Monsanto, Terminator Seed Technology, Svalbard Seed Vault, Codex Alimentarius, Communications with Gaia and the spirit world through plants, humanity disconnected from nature and much more.'