Michael Tsarion: 2012 Age of Revealing, Cycles of Time and Man's Awakening

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TOPICS: Mayan 2012 End Date, Secret Societies and Government Interest, Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Ending Cycle, DNA and Consciousness, Solution Think, Fate to Learn and Wake Us, America's Materialistic Cycle, Enemies of America, Royal Dynasties of Europe, Defend Oneself, Ignorance, If Americans Awaken, Man Editing Reality, Ego, Why Spiritual Light?, Light shining on the Dirt, Psychic Cleaning Beginning, Exposing the Dirt, Elite Symbols, Psychic Hygiene, Normal Toxic Emotions, Sadness of Awakening, Celtic History, American False History, The Land of the Masters, Druids Destroyed, Pythagoras, Irish-Arish, Aryan Meaning, Greatest Sacred Writings, Atlantis, Lemuria, Ireland, DVD's Origins & Oracles, Political PigSty, Legal Empowerment, Voting Illusion of Change, Internet Tool, Holy Spirit, Cleansing the Psyche, Psychic Immunity, Toxic People, Age of Aquarius and Pisces, Pluto, Mans Murdered Spirit, Children's Natural Intelligence, Darker Aspect of Mechanical Fitness, Body's Own Natural Healing, Childbirth, Melatonin-Serotonin and Rebellion, Light and Control of Human Race, Critic of Society, Ireland Battle, Earth Vortexes, Madam Blavatsky warnings, Theosophy Infiltrated, Gods of Eden and Past Shock, Difference in MT's work from others, Sacred Subject, Knowing When to Teach

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