Neil Kramer on X2 Radio

Neil Kramer returns to X2 Radio to talk with host Brooks Agnew. We discuss recent events at the Boston Marathon, the esoterica behind the headlines, freedom of speech, rubbish media reporting, and truthfulness in modern society.

We talk about the details of the Boston Marathon Bombing, what happened and what didn't happen, corporate media hype and conditioning, shutting down a city, kill squads vs cops and robbers, Chechnya not Czech Republic, demonizing independent thought, racial profiling of new enemies, the aftermath is what counts -- not the event, humanity separating off into those who want truth and those who do not, dark sorcery, magical operations with energetic analogs, esoteric correspondences, Egyptian goddess worship through sacrifice, charging reality tunnels with blood, reason and intuition in discernment, the importance of spiritual gatherings, and more.

Note: During the first hour, Brooks introduces the topics and examines the famous Charlie Chaplin dictator speech. Kramer is introduced around 30 mins in