Red Ice Radio - Scott Onstott, Kevin McMahon & Dan Tatman - Hour 1 - Numerology, Geomancy & Geometry

Scott Onstott was educated as an architect at the University of California at Berkeley. After a series of epiphanies, Scott created an epic documentary film called Secrets in Plain Sight, a densely-packed series about esoteric patterns found in art, architecture, and urban design. Working with Google Earth, Kevin McMahon has found a number of remarkable synchronicities that show incredible interconnectedness, sacred geometry and numbers across the natural landscape of the planet as well as some strategically placed man-made structures. One of the most remarkable is the International Peace Garden. Architect Dan Tatman has done some very interesting research on the history and symbolism found within the architecture of Bath, Somerset, UK. In the first hour of this roundtable, we'll discuss a broad range of topics ranging from numerology to geometry and geomancy. We'll highlight the significance of ratios, pentagrams, enneagrams, triangles and how numbers relate to each other. Kevin speaks more about the world pentagram grid and the International Peace Garden. Scott shares his findings from his video series. Dan shares his research into Bath architecture. In the second hour, Scott and Kevin discuss 9/11 and the World Trade Center site and then move onto cosmic harmonies. Scott brings forth his insight into what he calls the "4 Encoders," who are responsible for the patterns and synchronicities. Are these insights into the mysterious super conscious mind coming from the cosmos?