Scientology, the CIA, and MIVILUDES: Cults of Abuse

NOTE: This video contains information that many viewers will find extremely disturbing, involving the ritual abuse of children.

This documentary provides compelling evidence of deep and disturbing connections between intelligence agencies, abusive cults, and the failure of government anti-cult organizations like MIVILUDES to investigate the widespread reports of ritual child abuse around the world.

Understanding these connections is key to understanding the psycho-political control of human beings around the world. If you would like to be free, we urge you to study the situation yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Below are links to much of the source material used in this documentary to help you in your own search for the truth.

Ritual Child Abuse in France

Jersey: Island of Secrets

Marc Dutroux: Monster of Belgium

Les faits Karl Zéro: Zandvoort Child Abuse case

Conspiracy of Silence

The Secrets of Scientology

Is Scientology Above the Law?

Scientology: Inside the Cult

Ex Scientologists speaking out