The Sociopath Next Door (Introduction)

Audio Book Introduction by Martha Stout

We think of sociopaths as violent although most are quite ordinary with disorders undetected. I realized her lack of conscience is deflected and masked quite well with a mastery of the blame game. Masters of this game come out quite calm and composed when they contend with those equally equipped, but ironically they are flustered and irritated when they contend with non-masters or those who do not have a clue of how the game is played.

She strutted into a meeting without the ingredients and is battered, admonished and embarrassed in front of peers. Her brashness is stripped and ego dented. A phone call subsequently indicated the game is imminent and twenty-four hours later it is in full swing, but with a non-master. Thirty-four hours into the event she is all flustered and irritated.

My question is does she hone her skills when the game is played with a master or with a non-master! Martha offers clues to arm against the sociopath, suspect flattery and recognize pity play. Above all, she explains when the sociopath beckons, how to recognize and deal with the aberration.

The Sociopath Next Door is an absorbing self-help manual. Martha Stout serves in expunging guilt in relevant parties by extracting diabolical strains residing in deep recesses and placing them on the table.

Words, Videography -- Tommy Peters

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