The best film on 911 or the Iraq War.
Oh look the comment section taken over by missile tards. Imagine my lack of shock. Just ignore a 3hr film and shoot your mouth off about your nonargument based on authority and ignorance. If you are one of these idiot that think the US decided to blame a hijacking on al qaeda but then used a missile for no reason instead, then see the attached video called a plane hit the pentagon baby steps for retarded kooks.
It's easy to pick apart loose change with its missiles, pods, and complete absence of who or how anyone got bombs in the buildings, it's easy to pick on Alex "illuminuts" Jones, and easy to pick on David "lizard-aliens" Icke, etc but it's not easy to pick apart work and film grounded in verifiable reality which is what I have done.
my site https://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/

No DVDs because the quality sucks. I do not have the means to burn a 3hr film on two disc and mail them from Japan. Just download it yourself and burn a DVD if you need to watch it on a TV. Best thing to do is to send the link around. Zionism is also a political ideology not a race.

A War by Deception Extra See war by Deception 2011 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTx5R6...
sorry about the subtitles they are not on the DVD. I made a 2 and a half hour film without them.

The defense industry makes money off of ANY conflict so why Iraq. Because there were a threat to Israel. We could have bought the oil for FAR less than what it cost to steal it. Big oil did not create ANY of the lies that lead to war, and yet PNAC wrote ALL of them. This was a war for and by Israel. Even the invasion priority #1 was to take out the Western portion of Iraq the only place with range of hitting Israel. Zelikow admits as much that the war was for Israeli interest.

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