This is a beautiful French film that teaches us the importance of living close to nature. This film certainly makes you think about the way we live on our planet. No doubt about it, the idea for the film is quite original. A lady from a remote harmonious and peaceful planet is sent to earth for the first time in 200 years to see how the earthlings are doing. Her reaction to earth's current state, pollution, noise, cars, big trees is quite hard-hitting and honest. The film is filled with beautiful scenes shot in the Auvergne region of France, a region of distinct turf-coloured volcanoes.

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THE END OF AN ÉIRE (full length documentary)

The End of an Éire documentary film by Mark Higginbotham and Thomas Sheridan. THE END OF AN EIRE IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW EIRE (Note:This film contains creative raw audio and experimental visuals in order to engage with & stimulate both hemispheres of the brain.)
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