A Laptop per Child - Uruguay

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After a repressive history, Uruguay's left-wing government is paving the way for a new generation of digital-savvy, globalised nationals by being the first country to give every child their own laptop.

Ex-guerilla fighter, Jose Mujica, has been in office since 2010. He has never given up his ideals of social justice. The aim of the ambitious 'A laptop per child' program is to help close the divide between rich and poor, and between developed and developing countries. Many parents and teachers were initially sceptical; years without proper social policies still shape life in the slums."I don't want to know anything about computers. It is a child who knows something about computers and technology that throws bombs." Yet despite early scepticism, the program is now being widely embraced. "We need to educate the children differently so that they understand the world of today."

A Report By Julieta Rudich, ORF
November 2011