Alan Watt - Red Ice Interview 10-14-07 - European Union & The World Empire

Regular guest Alan Watt from Join us to Discuss Recent Events, Elite Tactics, The EU and World Empire. Topics Discussed: European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), RIA Royal Institute of Affairs, Rhodes Scholar, League of Nations, Oxford University, Fabians, Socialists, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown & The New World Order, European Union, The European Constitution, & The Holy Roman Empire, Pieter Brueghel's Tower of Babel - Resemblance to the EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg, "Europe: Many Tongues One Voice", EU modeled after the US, The Bible, Cain, Cannibal (Cain Able), King, Genes, GeneIsis, Rulers, Adam, Hu-Man, Democracy and the Elite, Common Purpose, Charitable Foundations & law, Is Freemasonry a Charitable Organizations? Assassins (Hashshashin) Mind Control Cults, I.G. Farben, Bush-Nazi Connection, NGO & Leaders, The Exercises "Top of 4" and "Vigilante Sheild 08" in October 15-16 in the US - Possible "Attack"? Plague, Virus, Quarantine, Dirty Bombs, NATO Pact, Man alive Series, Loyala University, GMO Food, Monsanto, We are in a War, MadCow, Vegetarianism, Gore Nobel Prize, Armand Hammer (Arm & Hammer), Colors, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Free State of Orange.'