Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics

"A most important project" -Noam Chomsky, Institute professor MIT

"...a magnificent and entertaining introduction and elaboration upon an important way to understand the crisis in American democracy today"
-Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois prof. co-author, The Death and Life of American Journalism

"I like it a lot...[its] segments 'move' [and] are both appropriate to the themes and hold the viewer's interest." -Thomas Ferguson, UMass professor

"[Combines] real cinematic exuberance [with]... startling answers to questions [about democracy]" -

"...excellent" -David Cromwell, -editor medialens

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The definitive documentary explaining the influence of money on politics by Joinathan Shockley. If you like it, consider buying the high quality DVD or donating a few $ at https://goldenruledocumentary.blogspot...